6 minimalist glasses & bold glasses frames for women

Lensmart 2023-10-19 17:36:44

If you have no idea when facing so many glasses with different styles and designs, just let Lensmart pick some glasses for you. Here we recommend 6 pairs for ladies, and they will definitely make you stylish!

Trendy Glasses

Minimalist styles always being trendy

Glasses with minimalist styles are always in people's comfort zones, so you will never be wrong when you choose a minimalist pair. These eyeglasses can be an ideal accessory to magnify your beauty.

1. Imani - Round Glasses

Imani: Round Black Glasses

The Imani glasses in black color features a modern metal frame that exudes a minimalist design. The minimalist design of the glasses emphasizes its simplistic yet fashionable touch. With a round shaped frame, this Imani glasses adds some softness to your face shape and complements a wide range of outfit styles. Its frame is made of lightweight metal, providing the wearer with comfort and durability. The slender rims and temple arms are also comfortable and provide a secure fit, ensuring that the glasses snugly stay on your face.

2. Matei - Square Glasses

Matei: Square Black Glasses

The Matei glasses showcases a distinctively elegant frame, and it's designed to complement the contour of your face, while also showing its unique style and taste. This black frame, combined with its square shape, exudes a contemporary aesthetic. The square frame with slightly rounded edges lends itself a versatile style, effortlessly complementing both angular and rounder features. Its slender temple arms lends the glasses a more elegant style with the gold accents, providing the perfect finishing and adding a touch of sparkle to this Matei glasses.

3. Alani - Cat Eye Glasses

Alani: Cat-eye Black-Clear Glasses

This Alani glasses enjoys a cool and trendy look. Its transparent frame gives the glasses a light and modern look. The cat-eye shaped frame also adds a touch of fun to this glasses, making it perfect for women who want to stand out and make a statement. This glasses is designed to flatter your face shape and your natural beauty, and it goes well with both casual and formal outfits, making it a cool item for any fashionista.

Bold design to make you shine

For those who pay more attention to the latest trends, they can explore some glasses with bolder designs. We've already had many glasses to make you stand out from the crowd.

1. Christopher - Rectangle Glasses

Christopher: Rectangle Tortoiseshell Glasses

Unlike traditional tortoiseshell glasses, this Christopher glasses has a bold and edgy style that is sure to turn heads. The rectangular frame gives the glasses a modern and angular look, emphasizing its unique design. This glasses fully showcases the tortoiseshell pattern, and the pattern itself is elegant and urbane, lending a touch of understated class to the glasses. Together, these elements create a pair of glasses that is as functional as it is fashionable.

2. Esme - Cat Eye Glasses

Esme: Cat-eye Tawny/Tortoiseshell Glasses

Esme cat-eye glasses sports a graceful and soothing design, perfect for women who love to have an elegant and fashionable look. The frame is crafted with a beautiful tortoiseshell pattern, adding a touch of sophistication and texture to the glasses. As for the cat-eye shape, it adds a playful style to this glasses, and also works well with casual or fancy outfits. For fashionistas who crave a unique and standout accessory, this Esme glasses is the way to go.

3. Matty - Cat Eye Glasses

Matty: Cat-eye Nude-Brown/spots Glasses

A big frame and eye-catching appearance. This Matty glasses is an outstanding choice for those who prefer to both sexy and cool style. The big cat-eye frame with spotted pattern is exaggerated, instantly catching the eye and adding a playful touch to the glasses. No matter what style of outfit that you have, this glasses can always make it shine. Also, this frame is mostly made from high-quality TR90 material, ensuring the lightness and durability with every wear.

Influencer's Recommendation

All the glasses mentioned above are recommended by YouTuber Boipelo S. Living in South Africa, Boipelo S shares her happy life and beauty ideas in her vlogs. You can get so much fun from her happiness and learn many beauty tips to flatter yourself. If you’re interested in Boipelo S, you can know more from her YouTube channel.

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