IV. Know your face shape and what type  of glasses are suitable for your appearance

Glasses not only have the function of correcting various  refractive errors, but also have the function of aesthetics.  Therefore, having a pair of glasses suitable for your face  shape will radiate the brilliance of your personality.

1. How to choose glasses for different face shapes

Oval face

Oval face, also known as egg-shaped face, is suitable for  wearing all kinds of frames, but the size of the frame should  be proportional to the size of the face.Especially for women,  oval face can be matched with any style of frame, but it is  best not to use straight-line frame, that is, too high or too  flat frame.

Round face

People with round faces usually have shorter faces, and they  need frames with more obvious edges and corners to  improve the contour of the face. They are suitable for slender  frames, square frames or pear-shaped frames.Therefore,  they are best matched with a slightly curved elongated frame  to balance the overall feel.Horned and square frames are  good for modifying facial lines, highlighting vertical lines.

Men: Flat or pear-shaped frames should be selected, avoid  too round and square frames.

Women: In principle, avoid using any frames with very  obvious features. It is better to choose slightly flattened and  warped frames. It is not suitable to choose a frame that is too  round or straight.

Square face

People with square faces have wider cheeks, shorter faces,  more prominent mandibular lines and more edges and  corners, which makes them look strong. In order to soften  the facial lines, square faces are suitable for round frames,  especially those with round-bottom rims, which can reduce  the feeling of too obvious edges and corners.Choose a frame  that takes curve slightly to be able to make face look softer,  soothe the two wide cheeks.And you should choose frames  that are slightly wider than your face shape, which will make  your face look slightly longer.

At the same time, you can also choose frames with smaller  height——if the frame is too high, it will take up most of the  face and make the face appear shorter.If possible, choose a  frame with a higher leg position, since it makes the face  appear longer.

Rectangular face

Rectangular faces, like square faces, have obvious angular  jaws. We still need round frames to soften the edges and  corners.Due to a longer face, the frame should cover the face  as much as possible, and you need rectangular frames and  choose thick frames to reduce the impression of long faces.

At the same time, you can also choose a larger frame with the  legs in the middle, so that the frame can occupy the  appropriate part of the face, and shorten the face.

Men: It is advisable to choose frames with high rims, such as  those with large approximate square shape.

Women: It is advisable to choose an approximate square  frame with edges and corners, and the height of the rims can  be bigger to neutralize the excessively long face.

Melon seed-shaped face

People with melon seed-shaped face are blessed, and they  can wear a variety of glasses, among which elliptical glasses  with narrow frames are best suited, especially those with  narrow frames and vertical lines:

Men: It is advisable to choose a frame with a narrower lower  side than the upper side of the rims, generally not a flat frame.

Women: It is advisable to choose glasses with a narrower  lower side than the upper side and upward-turning glasses  to increase the visual length of the face.

Heart-shaped face

A heart-shaped face, also known as an inverted triangle  face, is characterized by a broad forehead, prominent  cheekbones, and a narrow, pointed jaw. This face shape is  not balanced from top to bottom in appearance, with the top  larger and more prominent than the bottom.It is necessary  to wear a frame with the opposite appearance, which is  wider at the bottom so as to increase the width of  the lower  half of the face.Choosing a lower leg position also helps  improve this effect.

Hair style

Fringe:  the upper edge of the frame      should avoid touching the hair;

Curly hair :  the frame should not be      too large to prevent the rims from      touching the hair.


You can choose the right style of glasses according to your temperament.

Coordination:  similar color collocation;

Contrast:  choose warm and cold      colors to foil;

Embellishment:  embellish the clothing      with eye-catching colors to give a      finishing touch;

Time and occasion

It is very important to choose a pair of glasses that suits your  personality and the occasion.Formal occasions with a smaller  frame, exquisite style glasses, both elegant and capable;  Leisure, parties and other occasions, it is appropriate to  choose popular glasses, both youth and fashion;Of course,  but also according to your favorite, choose irregular shape  lens glasses to go in and out of some personalized party  occasions.

2. The influence of nose on the selection of glasses

The nose is the only vertical line on the face, so emphasizing  the line can enhance the three-dimensional sense of the face.

People with short noses should choose glasses with the lens  frame joint at the top.On the contrary, they should choose  glasses with joints at the bottom, which can effectively  "shorten" the length of the nose.

People with a larger nose are suitable for glasses with a high  lens frame joint. If the frame does not touch the nose and  the frame itself is thinner,the effect will be better.

People with low nose bridges and those with high nose  bridges should have different frames. The best frames  should be close to the eyes, so that eye fatigue may not be  easily generated.

If the nose is too tall, wear a low bridge or a double bridge  frame to conceal the problem. If you wear a high bridge  frame, the small nose will appear larger.

3. Position of the eyes

The position of the eyes in the lens gives a different  impression.Generally speaking, the position of the eyes  appear to be carefree and listless at the top;It feels funny at  the bottom.Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right  glasses, so that the eyes are slightly above the horizontal  midline of the rims.



Eyebrows have a significant impact on the facial image, and  glasses are also sensitive to the aesthetic defects of facial  details, so usually the top of the frame should be equal to or  slightly higher than the eyebrow arch (if the frame slides, the  top should be as high as the eyebrow arch), that is, the  eyebrows are the same height as the top of the frame, but  slightly above the frame is ideal. If the wearer has a high  eyebrow arch, it is better to choose a dark frame over a light  one, which accentuates the wearer's brow height and gives  the impression that another eyebrow exists.

For upturned eyebrows, the tip of the brow naturally cannot  be aligned with the frame of the glasses, but the header of  the brow must be aligned with the frame. At this time, the  glasses with a straight frame must be selected.

People with thick eyebrows should choose glasses with a  thin frame or no frame, or they will weaken the impression  of the eyebrows.On the contrary, glasses with thick frames  are suitable for people with light and thin eyebrows.

In short, there should be no gaps between the eyebrows and  the frame of the glasses, or it doesn't feel natural.

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