How to buy the best oval glasses?

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Oval-shaped glasses are among the oldest types of eyewear. In fact, their design dates back about 200 years. Oval frames with straight temples were used as prescription glasses or sunglasses during the Civil War. Later, these glasses became part of the vintage and classic frames, which are still used by most people.

oval glasses

The popularity of oval glasses

Despite being centuries-old, oval glasses have made a solid comeback in recent years. Their timeless image has attracted more people who choose to wear classic eyeglasses. Today, these frames come in different sizes. You can have smaller round frames, similar to the ones popularly used in the past. Others can sport Harry Potter oval glasses. Meanwhile, some love to wear oversized oval frames.

The variety of these eyeglasses today is exceptional. This means you, as a buyer, will have more options. Furthermore, eyewear manufacturers offer different color tones and shades for oval glasses.

How to buy the best oval glasses?

Oval-shaped frames will soften the significant angles on your face. As a result, they balance the facial features to accentuate the overall look of your face. Along with this benefit comes the essence of choosing the right oval glasses for you. Here are some vital tips for you.

1.Consider your face shape. Rectangular, geometric, and square faces can maximize the round features of oval glasses. As mentioned, the oval shape balances the angles on the wearer's face, especially on the jaw and cheekbones.


2.Know your skin color. People with warm skin tones can choose earthy tones like brown or green. Navy, gray, and ivory oval glasses will also look good on them. Meanwhile, pink, purple, silver and blue are ideal for those with cooler skin tones.


3.Assess the materials used. You'll mostly use the eyeglasses when you run errands or finish academic and office work. In short, the glasses will be used almost daily. It pays to choose frames made from durable materials so they can last long.


4.Check your budget. Today, affordable oval glasses made from quality materials are available. If you have the budget, you can always spend more to buy those high-end frames.


The best oval glasses for 2024

Tons of oval glasses are being advertised today. For sure, it will be challenging to choose which among those in the market fits you. The following styles below are the best ones you can wear in 2024.



Oval Olive/Green Glasses for Men and Women


It's the classic oval frame that heart and diamond-shaped faces can wear. The size of these oval glasses perfectly showcases your facial features. You can customize each piece with your preferred frame color, which includes olive green, black, brown, and white. The eyeglasses can be used for fashion or prescription. Remember to provide your eye prescription before buying a pair if it's the latter.



Oval Silver-Blue Glasses for Men and Women 


Thin frames are also a hit in 2024. They give off a minimalist look, which is popular among the younger generation. These oval glasses from the Lex collection have silver/blue and black/gold color combinations. The earth tones of the glasses will complement people with warmer skin color. They're versatile enough to look good on men and women. You can wear them anywhere and prepare to receive compliments.



Oval Black Glasses for Men and Women 


With these Renata frames, you can add other thin oval glasses to your oval glasses collection. These glasses' all-black style makes it easier to pair them with any clothes. Besides black, there's also silver available for you to purchase. The thin rim borders on these oval glasses are ideal for people with thinner lenses.




Oval Ebony Glasses for Men and Women


This oversized frame is perfect for your thick lenses. The rims have thick borders, which can hold your lenses well with strong prescriptions. Since they're slightly oversized, the glasses ensure complete eye protection. Each frame comes with an Ebony color. The wooden-like color will complement your warm skin tone.



Oval Black/Gold Glasses for Women 


A stylish take on oval glasses is what these Amanda frames are. The little bling on each side of the eyeglasses makes you standout from the crowd. Choose the transparent and gold combination as the colors of your glasses for that clean and chic look. Wear them on any occasion, and you'll surely get compliments.

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