The best timeless glasses to make you stand out

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It's quite easy to become cool if you get the most suitable style for yourself. At Lensmart, you can learn more about different glasses styles. Here Lensmart will show you some cool and timeless styles of eyeglasses and sunglasses, and these Lensmart's glasses will help you stand out in the crowd.

Zandile Masindi with Debra Glasses

Timeless Tortoiseshell

There is hard to find another pattern as timeless as tortoiseshell. It gives off a cool and vintage style in an understated manner anytime anywhere.

1. Mariska Cat-eye Glasses

Mariska: Cat-eye Pink/Tortoiseshell Glasses

Mariska glasses with lively pink tortoiseshell pattern is both charming and cute. The pink color and cat-eye shape give the glasses a playful and dynamic touch, and the tortoiseshell pattern adds a vintage and classic vibe.

This glasses are perfect for those seeking a unique and playful addition to their fashion collection. The tortoiseshell pattern and pink hue make these glasses a standout choice for spring and summer ensembles, while this pair is also for those who want to add some warm and catchy colors in cold days.

2. Christopher Rectangle Tortoiseshell Glasses

Christopher: Rectangle Tortoiseshell Glasses

Showcased by the tortoiseshell pattern, this Christopher glasses embraces a cool and classic style. The tortoise shell pattern of this Christopher glasses is in a beautiful combination of black, brown, and yellow tones which are especially for the new season, creating a trendy vibe.

And its rectangle frame even complements the style of the glasses, adding a touch of modernity by the angular and straight design. It's the cool design of the Christopher glasses that makes it a must-have for fashion-conscious individuals.

Unusually Cool Styles

Sometimes you rummage through your wardrobe to find a unique accessory that can make you different and cool. Lensmart picks some glasses with unusually cool styles to make you shine in the crowd.

1. Christopher Rectangle Black Glasses

Christopher: Rectangle Black Glasses

Whole black frame may be common for some people, while this black Christopher glasses is different. It's with the black frame that a cool and modern design can be emphasized. The clean lines and flat rectangle shape bring you a straight and impressive visual experience.

Its minimalist design means there are no unnecessary frills or fancy details, just pure function and style for you. You will be able to get more eye-catching once you wear this pair.

2. Debra Cat-eye Glasses

Debra: Cat-eye Orange/Green/Tortoiseshell Glasses

Look at this Debra glasses. It's definitely a bold and stylish statement for you without sacrificing comfort and with creative orange-and-green tortoiseshell pattern. The TR90 frame can provide a lightweight and comfortable fit, while the exquisite temple arms add a unique touch of personality.

The temple arms are designed with a curved shape that rests comfortably on your ears, while also adding a touch of elegance and class to the overall look.

3. Sosa Aviator Sunglasses

Sosa: Aviator Brown/Gradual-Brown Sunglasses

To get a cool style, sunglasses is necessary. Brown Sosa sunglasses features exudes a warm and cozy feel, which works well for a whole year. The frame is designed with a classic aviator frame and style, yet modernized for today's fashion tastes. The brown color adds a touch of sophistication and personality to the glasses, making you easily stand out from groups of people.

The Sosa sunglasses will surely add a touch of style to your outfit when you're enjoying a party or taking a city walk alone in one sunny day.

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