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Lensmart 2023-09-27 14:34:00

With the arrival of colder months, it's high time for you to catch 2023's styles and spice up your everyday life. Lensmart picks several glasses that are all stylish this year to add something interesting to your wardrobe. Just enjoy it and get your favorite pair!

Lensmart's Glasses

1. Sahana Square Glasses

Sahana: Square Tawny/Tortoiseshell Glasses

Talking about eyeglasses for autumn and winter, tortoise shell pattern must be counted. This pattern is one of the simplest ways to elevate the look of glasses. Understated tawny tortoise shell pattern of this Sahana glasses provides a classic and elegant appearance. The tortoise pattern extends to the arms of the glasses, adding further personality and style to the design. The high-quality acetate frame also makes the glasses sturdy and lightweight, ensuring maximum comfort for wearing.

2. Chase Oval Glasses

Chase: Oval Gold Glasses

This Chase glasses embraces an elegant and minimalist gold metal frame that catches the light in captivating ways. Its rims, with a stately gold color of autumn, have a simple yet exquisite design, showing a sense of understated luxury. Its oval frame adds a classic and original touch, while the gold color lends a touch of modernity.

3. Harrison Aviator Glasses

Harrison: Aviator Clear-Gold Glasses

Aviator glasses is a timeless style, so you will never be out of date with these glasses. This Harrison glasses uses clear TR90 material combined with a metal frame, showcasing a fresh and elegant color palette. Its geometric rims can complement your face while also highlighting the glasses' understated yet fashion-forward style.

4. Lorelei Cat-eye Glasses

Lorelei: Cat-eye Grey Glasses

Lorelei glasses with grey color is perfect for those who love gold metal frames, which is thin and exquisite. Meanwhile, cat-eye shaped frames are also popular this year, since they perfectly uplift your overall look. Understated grey color and impressive cat-eye frame together make the Lorelei glasses sure to make a statement.

5. Frode Square Glasses

Frode: Square White Glasses

A thin metal frame and a minimalist style. This is the white Frode glasses. It combines elegance and modernity to help you make a fashion statement. With crisp, bright colors that offer a soothing experience, the glasses can fit many face shapes, ensuring that everyone can appreciate the timeless style. Its thin frame and chic look also make it a hit with fashionistas everywhere this year.

6. Sarah Square Glasses

Sarah: Square Champagne-Cameo/Brown Glasses

If you're a reserved type, neutral and understated colors may suit your personal style best. This Sarah glasses with cameo brown is more and more popular currently. The neutral tone of cameo brown adds a touch of elegance and personality to the glasses, making it suitable for both formal and casual occasions. With this trendy and modern feel, the frame also provides durability and sturdiness for daily wear.

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