Make some breakthroughs: classic glasses with new designs

Lensmart 2023-10-18 11:49:41

Classic styles like aviator glasses, round glasses, or cat eye glasseshave enjoyed a long-lasting preference. However, for quite a long time, glasses styles have had a few changes. Making some breakthroughs and exploring some new designs for traditional types of glasses have been more and more important for eyeglasses brands.

To introduce you the latest trends and designs, Lensmart picks several signature types of glasses from a wide range of eyewear. You can get more details about eyeglassesand glasses trends from them!

Lensmart's Glasses

1.Harrison- Aviator Glasses

Harrison: Aviator Clear-Gold Glasses

Featuring a graceful and modern design, this Harrison glasses enjoys a clear frame and golden accents. The transparent TR90 materialoffers a minimalist and clean look, while the gold accents add a touch of sophistication and glamour. Also, the aviator frame is both stylish and cool, designed for both daily use and formal occasions. The frame is designed to fit comfortably around the ears and nose, providing a secure and stable fit.

2.Koko- Round Glasses

Koko: Round Black/Tortoiseshell Glasses

This Koko glasses with black tortoise shell pattern exudes a vintage yet stylish look. The acetate frameis both sturdy and lightweight, and it also provides extreme comfort and a perfect fit for your face. The tortoise shell pattern adds a classic and timeless touch, making the glasses stands out from the rest and adding a gradient effect that is eye-catching and stylish. Whether you want to add prescription lenses or simply enjoy the clean and modern look of the frames, the glasses is an ideal choice for you.

3.Paisley- Oval Glasses

Paisley: Oval Gradient-Brown Glasses

This Paisley glasses in gradient brown has a simple yet stylish touch. The gradient brown color on this frame adds a touch of warmth and depth to the glasses, and goes well with fashionable outfits. Its oval shaped frameis able to compliment almost every type of face shape. This glasses is intricate with the color gradually fading from brown to clear, which helps to break up the monotony of the brown color and adds a touch of personality and style.

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