7 best Lensmart’s glasses for autumn

Lensmart 2023-09-26 15:54:30

The keywords of the autumn 2023's trend are not just texture, material, or outline, but also taste, attitude, and spirit. At Lensmart, from flaming colors to neutral tones, the essence of the season's eyeglasses trends can be found everywhere.

Influencer Glamify HU with Lensmart's Glasses

Always Transparency

Transparent glasses can always bring the wearer a refreshing and light touch which is also crucial for the modern and minimalist style. Lensmart's transparent frames ensure that you are able to catch the trend for a whole year, even in cooler months.

1. Reagan Square Glasses

Reagan: Square Black-Clear Glasses

Featuring a transparent frame with black edges, this Reagan glasses is designed to reflect the changing colors in autumn. The combination of transparent and black colors creates a unique contrast that adds an original and timeless feeling to the square glasses. Although the design is simple, the frame is delicate enough to reflect the detail of your surroundings, and the square shaped lenses also broaden your vision.

2. Oren Cat-eye Glasses

Oren: Cat-eye Black/Tortoiseshell-Clear Glasses

Needless to say, cat-eye shaped frames themselves are stylish enough. The design of this Oren glasses shows more elegance. The frame has black tortoise shell patterned on the upper rims, which gives it a stylish appearance. With its half transparent design, this frame gets a more modern and refreshing look. Black tortoise shell pattern creates an attractive style that will make the pair surely stand out in any fashion forward collection.

3. Kelyce Square Glasses

Kelyce: Square Transparent Glasses

Slightly similar to cat-eye frame, the Kelyce glasses enjoys a modern square shaped frame. Constructed from high-quality TR90 material, this frame is both transparent and minimalist in appearance. The golden temple arms highlight the minimalist style, showcasing a streamlined design that enhances the modern aesthetic. The frame is also thinner than many other glasses, offering a delicate and understated look to you.

Tints for Autumn

Usually, the eyewear trends in autumn involve warm colors such as brown and tortoise shell, as well as neutral colors such as gray and black. Believe it or not, Lensmart's eyeglasses provide more color options to surprise you.

1. Nolan Square Glasses

Nolan: Square Starry/Blue Glasses

Blue color can create a catchy contrast with glaring colors in autumn, such as red, orange, and yellow. The Nolan glasses with starry tints and deep blue color is fashion-forward. Providing a modern and graceful style, the deep blue color is balanced by the lively starry tints, which creates a playful and dreamy look. Designed to be both comfortable and durable, the high-quality TR90 material ensures your long-lasting wear.

2. Mariah Square Glasses

Mariah: Square Starry/Blue Glasses

For some, this may be the best pair symbolizing the autumn, and the minimalist design even shows off the attractive red. This Mariah glasses sports a chic design with a pop of red color, which makes the glasses instantly attention-grabbing. With a high-quality acetate frame that is lightweight and comfortable to wear, the glasses is sturdy enough to keep the glasses staying intact and durable.

3. Elleri Square Glasses

Elleri: Square Blue-Tortoiseshell Glasses

With a bold and thick frame, the Elleri glasses empowers you to stand out in autumn. This glasses combines blue and tortoise shell pattern in a unique and eye-catching manner, creating a classic yet creative look that can easily be paired with any outfit, from casual to dressy, for a touch of added style. Its chunky rims also provide a sturdy and durable structure, while also maintaining it a comfortable fit.

4. Gabrielle Cat-eye Glasses

Gabrielle: Cat-eye Black-Nude Glasses

Neutral and reserved colors, like black and nude pink, have already been known in autumn. Featuring an edgy design, the signature cat-eye shape always flatters your face shape and enhances your overall look. The edges of the rims are adorned with nude-colored details, which further adds to the layered design of the glasses. Also, the black color contrasts well with the nude pink, creating a visually impressive and bold style.

Influencer's Recommendation

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