Daily vs. monthly contact lenses: the better choice

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Choosing between daily vs. monthly contact lenses is a matter of prescription and lifestyle. These types of lenses are popular in the market and can provide a variety of benefits for the wearer. Like glasses, contacts can help correct refractive errors of the eyes, helping you see sharper and clearer images.

What makes contact lenses preferable for other people is that they are free of the restrictions normally seen in conventional glasses. These lenses sit directly on the eye surface and move naturally whenever you blink or look in any direction.

If you want to buy contact lenses, you have a choice between daily and monthly contacts. You can learn more about them through this guide.

Contact lenses

Daily vs. monthly contact lenses

Unlike eyeglasses that can be worn for a long time, contact lenses typically last only a short while. It means that you must frequently replace your pair to ensure your health and safety.

1.Daily lenses

Daily contacts are disposable lenses that you immediately throw away after a day of use. The next day, you open a fresh packet and wear a new pair—it's a cycle you must go through day after day! Daily disposables are thin lenses that contain plenty of water. Since they have a kind of flimsy material, you cannot reuse them as you please.

Your eyes can build up natural deposits over time, which stick to the surface of dailies. These substances can cause damage to the lenses, which is why you can't wear them back once you take them out.

With daily contact lenses, you don't have to clean or store the pair for next time. However, you do have to observe the same care for contact lenses while wearing—don't rub your eyes vigorously or allow makeup or aerosol sprays to come in contact with your lenses.


1. Don't require cleaning

2. Great for occasional use

3. Can help avoid irritation and allergy since they are disposed daily

2.Monthly lenses

The thicker and more durable monthly contact lenses resist drying out quickly. You can use a handy two-sided container to store them separately. Each side is filled with a special solution for contact lenses, which helps them last longer and be free from contamination.

Unlike daily disposables, you must clean and disinfect monthlies regularly. Soaking them in the recommended lens solution helps eliminate protein buildup, bacteria, and other harmful substances that stick to the surface.

Monthlies ensure less waste and that makes them an eco-friendlier option. Generally, you will only use twelve pairs for a year. Plus, these contacts are typically made of silicone hydrogel, which allows more oxygen to pass through to give you more comfort when worn.


1. Less expensive than dailies

2. Doesn't dry out easily

3. Some brands can be worn continuously

Which is better?

Daily vs. monthly contact lenses have key differences that you need to weigh before choosing the right pair for you. Here are some factors to consider when buying contact lenses.


Not all contacts are available for every eye prescription. For instance, multifocal lenses are only available as monthly contact lenses. You will surely buy the right pair of contacts if your prescription is always updated.


You should consider how often you plan on wearing contacts to select the most suitable type for you. Monthlies can have you paying more upfront but they're generally more cost-effective in the long run. You'll only ever need to purchase lenses and the solution every month.

On the other hand, dailies allow you to swap contacts and eyeglasses conveniently. If you only wear contacts occasionally, daily disposables are ideal.

3.Your age

Dailies are a better option for younger individuals since they require less care and commitment. Disposable lenses are perfect for younger people who tend to damage or misplace stuff often. With daily contacts, you can easily replace lost or torn lenses.


The silicone hydrogel material used in monthlies lasts longer and allows as much as five times more oxygen to pass through. It helps your eyes breathe, keeping them healthier and more comfortable. Dailies have a thinner and more flexible material. However, modern daily disposables can be made of silicone hydrogel, too.

5.Your lifestyle

Experts usually recommend dailies for people who live an active lifestyle such as athletes. They might get exposed to dirt, sweat, water, and other harsh elements that can damage the contacts, so changing them every day is necessary.

The verdict

In the end, the choice of whether daily vs. monthly contact lenses fit you boils down to your personal preference. You can talk to your eye care professional to get expert input on what contact lenses to get. Also, it's better to have a pair of eyeglasses in case your contact becomes unwearable. You can check out Lensmart's huge selection of eyewear and try them on virtually, too!

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