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The best cat eye glasses frames for 2022 you should know
What makes cat eye glasses frames popular for a long time?
5 stylish glasses for big nose in 2022
What kind of glasses look good with a big nose?
Are rimless glasses in style for 2022?
What do rimless glasses say about you?
Contact lenses vs. eyeglasses: what should you pick?
Contact lenses vs. eyeglasses: the pros and cons
How to find the best glasses for small faces in 2022
What frame glasses suit small faces well?
How to pick the right metal frame glasses
Metal frames are very thin and have a surprisingly lighter weight than plastic frames. They give off a minimalist look too. Also, they are more flexible than other frames.
What are Asian Fit Glasses (Low Bridge Fit Glasses)?
What are Asian Fit Glasses? What makes Asian fit or low bridge fit glasses different from standard frames is the slightly lower nose piece.
What face shape best suits browline frame glasses?
What are browline frame glasses? There’s a timeless vibe to browline frames, and it pops up every now and then on the trendsetter’s list--it never goes out of style!
10 popular 90s glasses that make you stand out
What glasses style was popular in the 1990s? The fashion trends of the 90s were hugely influenced by pop culture.
The best 70s and 80s style glasses you should know
The 70s and 80s style glasses involved mod styles, oversized frames, bright colors, and geometric shapes. Wraparound styles, aviator-style frames, round specs, and large square frames dominated the 80s.