How to choose women eyeglass frames

Choosing the right women glasses frame is one way, Lensmart glasses arranges several small ways for you.

Rectangular face, suitable for wear large frame or circular.2. Circular face, suitable for wearing a long square frame.

Diamond face. The forehead is narrow, and the person in the peer is suitable for wear oval or cat eye.

Square face. The underline of the next matter is obvious, the width head, the square, and the elliptic or circle is suitable.

glasses frames

5. Heart shaped face. Wide head, width bone, adhesion, unpacking, long or frameless.

6. National Face. The forehead is large, the cheekbone is high, the chin width, is suitable for wearing an oval or rounded eye frame.

7. Goose egg face. Suitable for any shape of the eye frame.

8. Secondly, the skin is generally, the skin color is compared with a shallow frame, such as a soft pink, gold and silver. The skin is darker, it should be chosen to choose a deep color, such as red, black or housing color, etc. The skin is yellow, and it is necessary to avoid a yellow frame, which is mainly litrous with pink, coffee, silver, silver, white. The skin is red, then avoids red frame, optional gray, light green, blue frame, etc., select the ladies glasses box to come to Lensmart glasses!

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