How to choose men glasses frame

The glasses worn by business people usually choose thin-rimmed glasses. Thin-rim glasses can give others wisdom and connotation, and it is easy for bosses and customers to believe in their own abilities. In addition, half-rim glasses and rimless glasses are also very popular among white-collar workers. The spectacle frame is light in weight, compact in appearance, and stylish and beautiful.

The material of the frame can be metal or plastic. Frames made of various alloy materials are light, strong, strong, and resistant to sweat. The colors are gold, silver, black, brown and so on. Most Asians prefer gold cups, one is to coordinate with the skin tone, the other is the elegant atmosphere. Plastic plate glass is more popular and has a strong sense of decoration. If you are engaged in art design, photography and other works of art, wearing flat glasses with personality is very suitable for the working atmosphere.

Men eyeglass frames come in various shapes, such as round, oval, square, polygonal and so on. The round frame has a long history and looks a bit old-fashioned; the oval line is smooth, preserved and constrained; the square and the circle are classic, with clear borders and sharp edges and corners. This is a typical man's style. The dual-beam pear shape, usually called a Toad mirror, cuts a corner between the inside and the lower part of the frame, with the inside pointing outward and the outside pointing outward. Well-designed brand-name glasses frames, each will not be ugly. When buying glasses, the key is not only to consider occupation, but also to consider the match between facial shape, skin tone and clothes. Only by living in harmony with each other can we use our strengths, avoid weaknesses, and put on our own personalities. Glasses are also a manifestation of personal identity. Although the frame is the outer facade of the glasses, the quality of the lens can better illustrate a person's taste and state.

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Lens resin film is very popular

Optical glass lens has high specificity, is very heavy when worn, it is easy to break, and it is difficult to use for men glasses rimless and men glasses half-rim processing. However, glass lenses can withstand high temperatures and are not easily scratched by hard objects. The resin lens is light and not easy to break, but the surface is easily scratched. The lens only absorbs a small amount of harmful light without heating, that is, a large amount of harmful light enters the eye, so the lens is harmful to the eye. Now, with the increasing maturity of resin lens technology, the use of resin lenses has become a trend.glasses framesNowadays, resin lenses with film added are very popular. Commonly used are anti-reflective film, hard film (anti-wear film) and anti-ultraviolet film.

Anti-reflection film can increase the light transmittance and make people see more clearly. At the same time, because it can reduce reflection, the appearance of the lens is more beautiful.

The hard film can effectively protect the surface of the lens from abrasion, and it can also resist the damage of hard objects and extend the life of the lens.

The anti-ultraviolet film can block the harmful ultraviolet rays in the sun. For example, engineers who work outdoors for a long time use UV400 lenses.

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