How to choose a pair of glasses that suits you

I. Choose glasses according to the needs      of life and the usage environment of glasses

  • 1. To see far (work, daily life),

  • 2. To see near (reading, using the phone),

  • 3. Protective use (sports, high-risk work, use in specific places)

II. The choices of glasses for different ages

1) For a child, the spectacle frame should be light, and the      nose pad of the frame should be lower. The nasal bone of a      child has not yet developed completely and it changes      rapidly in the process of growth, so the frame used should be      hung on the ears. Put an elastic band on the ends of the      frame and wrap it around the back of the child's head. The      band should be tight enough to prevent the glasses from      slipping off the child's head.

2)The best choice for a primary or secondary school student      is the plastic frame, and it is best to make the frame stick      with the nose; do not wear metal-framed glasses, as the      nose pad of metal-framed glasses can easily cause skin      allergy and compression of the nasal bone.

3) Young people can choose spectacle frames according to      their own preferences, decorations and other aspects to      make themselves more elegant and graceful. Young people      with wide faces should not use small and narrow frames;      young people with long thin faces should not use wide frames.

• Women: delicate, brightly coloured frames;

• Men: choose the frames with rough structure and dark bright      color.

4) The elderly should consider their personal needs when      choosing spectacle frames. If they read newspapers at home,      it is better to choose half-frame glasses which are convenient      for seeing far or near. Wearing rimless glasses with a dark      upper part and a transparent lower part can relieve the face      lines of the elderly and make them look younger.

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