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Everything about pinhole glasses you should know
Pinhole glasses are literally glasses that come with tiny holes poked through the lenses. They are generally used to help improve some refractive errors in your eyes.
Are half rim glasses in style? (also called semi rimless glasses)
Half rim frames give off a more distinct and premium vibe. Additionally, these frames are designed to reduce the weight of eyeglasses.
Titanium glasses explained: pros, cons, and more
One of the most important aspects of titanium glasses is that they are hypoallergenic.
Everything about acetate glasses you should know
Acetate is a plastic made from nylon. It has recently been introduced in eyeglasses as an alternative to traditional materials.
Everything about lazy glasses you should know
Lazy glasses are most likely the couch potato’s ultimate dream come true. Lying flat on your back, watching your favorite shows on television would be glorious.
All about color blind glasses
In today’s time, there are now color blind glasses which come with a tinted lens which is very special to help color blinds see colors correctly.
All about glasses chains
Different people have various reasons for getting glasses chains. It could be for fashion, or they need them to use their eyeglasses comfortably.
Eyeglass coatings explained
Coating for eyeglass lenses makes your eyewear look better and more durable. Whether you are using single-vision or multifocal prescription lenses, you can have your pick of coatings that fit your lifestyle and fashion taste.
The best lightweight eyeglasses for 2022
What makes glasses lightweight?
Mother’s Day gift: best finds for your mom
A mom's love is boundless, and that is the best reason to surprise them with a Mother’s Day gift.
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